Blokpax Infinite Moments – Series 3 (Box)

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This third series of Moments (#100 – #149) will celebrate many great achievements in the world of sports and history.

Each box includes 20 Moments. Each Moment is an ERC-1155 NFT that will be forever immortalized on the blockchain.

For full product details including rarity and parallels, please review the full Infinite Moment specifications.

NOTE: Your NFT Boxes will be distributed within 24 hours of being sold out and will not be able to be ripped for another 10 days or so in order to allow the community to buy or sell on our OpenSea Storefront.

All NFT boxes will be automatically ripped prior to Moments being issued.

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This collection commemorates some of the greatest moments in sport and history.

Collect everything from the rarest 1-of-1 editions to commons.

Infinite Moments is built by Blokpax for collectors.

IMPORTANT: Many rewards (and airdrops) require a Blokpax account linked to the same wallet holding your Moments.


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